Office challenge: can we find Sally a better phone plan

17 July 2017

Mobile plans and deals are constantly changing in price and inclusions so, if you keep an eye out, you might find a really great deal.

If there's one thing we know at WhistleOut, after spending our days exploring the latest plans, is that you need to be ready to switch if you spot a good deal. To test this theory and show how fast the market is changing, we will see if there is a plan to suit our needs more than our current plans.

To start off, we helped our colleague Sally find a new SIM only plan.

To find the best plan for Sally we looked at 4 things:

  1. What is her current plan and what would she change about it?

  2. What she considers the most important aspects of a plan?

  3. What inclusions would she like in the plan?

  4. Is she expecting her usage to change in the near future?

About a month after signing up with a Yomojo 6GB unlimited call plan for $29.90 p/mth, Sally received and email notifying her that the price for her plan was changing to $34.95 p/mth. That's still a pretty good price, but can we find better?

The most important points for Sally:

  • Competitive price

  • Unlimited calls and texts

  • She is currently using around 3GB data a month, but is expecting her usage to increase within the next few months.

  • Looking for a no contract plan. She wants the iphone 8 when it’s available and is unsure if she will buy it outright or on a contract, so she doesn’t want to be locked in a contract when the time comes.

The fun bit

Once we knew what Sally was after, we went hunting for a couple of plan options that should meet her needs. In the end we settled on these two plans for comparison:

  • SpinTel Large Mobile Plan 4G

  • Unlimited XL Vaya plan 6 months prepaid (*End of Financial Year promotion)


Current Plan

Option 1

Option 2






Optus 4G

Optus 4G

Optus 4G


Plan price is being raised to $34.95 p/mth

$23.95 p/mth

Upfront cost: $10 sim activation fee

6 months upfront payment: $139

$23.17 p/mth

Call and text inclusions

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS





Contract Length

No contract

No Contract

6 months paid in advance

International calls

+$30: 30 countries

$50 international call credit included

+$2: 100 countries


Current plan: ($29.90 p/mth)

$5.95 p/mth

Over 6 months: $25.70

$6.73 p/mth

Over 6 months: $70.70

Sally ended up going with the Vaya plan and buying 6 months upfront during the End Of Financial Year promotion (which has finished now unfortunately). 

She has the same network coverage, gets nearly double the data she had before for a cheaper monthly price.

Tips and tricks:

  • To avoid excess usage charges, stop direct debit by contacting current provider. If this option is not available, change to a higher value plan if possible.

  • Remember delivery time can vary. If you would like the SIM sooner, you might be able to choose express postage or buy the new SIM card in a store.

  • SIM activation could take up to 36 hours, though it is typically much faster You can still use your current plan until your phone number is transferred to your new provider.

  • Keep up to date on great deals by using WhistleOut (shameless plug!)

Similar offers

Though the Vaya promotion has now expired, there is always a deal on SIM Only phone plans. If you think you need a plan like Sally (with unlimited calls/SMS and 3GB+ data) here are a few great suggestions:

Mobile Phone Plans

With at least 3GB data | Filters
Carrier Inclusions  
Southern Phone
Southern Phone
  • 12-month Green 22 SIM Plan
  • 4GB Data
  • Contract (12 mths)
  • $22/mth
  • Min. cost $264
Jeenee Mobile
Jeenee Mobile
  • $22 Pennywise SIM
  • 5GB Data
  • Contract (12 mths)
  • $22/mth + $10 Upfront
  • Min. cost $274
  • $30 My Plan Plus 12M SIM Only - Online Offer
  • 3GB Data
  • Contract (12 mths)
  • $22.50/mth
  • Min. cost $270
  • Large Mobile Plan 4G
  • 6GB Data
  • No Contract
  • $23.95/mth + $10 Upfront
  • Min. cost $33.95
  • Unlimited M Plan
  • 3GB Data
  • No Contract
  • $24/mth
  • Min. cost $24

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