How to switch to Vaya

09 May 2016

If you don’t currently have a contract with your telco, you should be considering a switch to a provider with lower cost plans or higher value inclusions. There’s no point staying with the devil-you-know when it is so quick and easy to switch.

Vaya is a great option to consider, and in this article we’re going to list the steps you’ll need to take to switch. Spoiler alert: there isn’t that many.

From start to finish, the steps to switching look like this:

  • Sign up on the Vaya website (5 - 10 minutes)
  • Wait for your new SIM card to be delivered (1 - 2 days)
  • Activate your SIM card online (5 - 10 minutes)
  • Wait for your number to be transferred to your new account (typically a few hours)

Sign up online

Once you’ve settled on which Vaya plan you prefer, the sign up process is in three parts.

1. Create an account. You can do this using Facebook or by manually entering your details.

2. Choose your plan. Use the drop-down menus to find the plan that you have selected. At this step you also have the option to nominate an exisiting phone number to bring to your new Vaya account.

3. Payment Details. Use a credit card to nominate a payment method.

Activate your SIM card

After your new SIM card has been delivered in the post, you will need to activate it on the Vaya website. You will receive a letter explaining this step, but basically you need to visit and you need to enter the SIM number on the card.

The SIM number is listed in 2 places: under the barcode on the back, and on the actual SIM card itself. If you chose to bring an existing number to this account, activating your SIM will start the number porting process. 

Number porting takes a couple of hours to complete usually. During this time your old account will keep working, so you won’t have to go without a phone while you wait. Vaya will contact your old supplier and move your number. This will also cancel out your old account.

Can I bring my phone to Vaya?

Vaya operates on the Optus 4G network, so any phone that works on this network can be used with a Vaya SIM card.

Generally, this includes all phones bought in Australia and most phones that you can import from overseas. If you do decide to use an imported phone you have to be careful that the radio frequencies that it supports match the Optus network. 

The phone also has to be unlocked. Most new phones sold in Australia are unlocked, with the exception of cheaper prepaid phones sold with a carrier SIM card. These can be unlocked by contacting your current provider.

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