8 ways you can save money for your iPhone X

25 September 2017

iPhone X

iPhone X pre-orders start in just over a month and while we don’t have on contract pricing yet, it's not cheap outright. $1,579 gets you the base 64GB iPhone X, while $1,829 gets you the 256GB configuration.

If you're really want to get Apple's latest and greatest but aren't quite sure how to fund the purchase, we've got a few ideas. 

1. Give up coffee for a year

Bad news for coffee fiends; the cost of your little cup of black magic adds up quickly over the course of a year. Based on Sydney prices, you're possibly paying around $4.50 per coffee. If you're buying a coffee Monday through Friday, that's $22.50 in a week. Over a year, that's $1,170. It's not quite iPhone X money, but that's more than two thirds there. And there's probably some health benefits in it for you too.

2. Start a lemonade stand

When life gives you expensive Apples, make lemonade. Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to earn a bit of extra money than selling thirsty punters delicious lemony goodness. You can comfortably get your lemonade ingredients for about $0.50 per cup, or cheaper if you're willing to shop around.

If you're able to sell them for $2 a cup, you'd need to sell roughly 1,050 cups of lemonade to raise enough money for a 64GB iPhone X. If you think you could get away with a bit more and charge $4 per cup, you'd only need to sell 450.

3. Drive for Uber

If you've got a relatively new car and happen to like driving, you could always sign-up with Uber. You'll need need to make sure you're insured, have held a full license for at least 12-months, go through background checks, and turn a blind eye to misogynistic corporate culture, but flexible hours! 

Australian Uber drivers can make as much $30 per hour (before factoring the cost of fuel), so you could so you're looking at somewhere around 53 productive hours on the road to get your new iPhone X.

4. Sell your possessions

This might sound like a no brainer, but you might be surprised to find out how much your old tech can go for. iPhones tend to hold their resell value quite well for at least two to three years, for example.

When upgrading laptop at the end of last year, I found my old 2012 MacBook was still selling for $1,000, so if you've got unused gadgets lying around your place, it's definitely worth checking what the going price on eBay is.

5. Participate in a clinical trial

Would you put your body on the line for a brand new iPhone X? Trying out untested meds is a surprisingly lucrative venture, and participants can earn over $5,000 in a three week trial. The Age reports that one participant earned $4,560 for a 19 day trial for a psoriasis treatment, which translates to $10 for every hour.

This would however mean taking time off work and spending the entire duration cooped up in a clinic, so you know, it might not end up being worth it. And of course, there is the risk of adverse side-effects, but hey, a brand new iPhone X is a pretty bangin' side-effect too.

Fun fact: clinical trials are how Robert Rodriguez (of Sin City fame) funded his first feature film, El Mariachi.

6. Become a pet psychic

Are you comfortable lying to distressed owners of dead pets? Well it turns out pet psychic is a profession that exists, and luckily for you, it’s a job that requires no qualifications - or morals!

We've found that pet psychics bill around $175 an hour to communicate with the "spirits of deceased animals", which means you'll only need to tell nine deeply troubled individuals that their pets were very good boys. Well, maybe a little more when you factor in the costs of setting up a business.

7. Sell your hair

If you - like myself - have long luscious locks and are willing to part with them, you can make a surprising amount of money selling hair. You'll need "virgin hair" that hasn't been bleached or dyed, and is at least 25cm long. Pricing varies depending on length, colour, and thickness, but we've seen sellers rake in over $750 for their hair. Apparently I could get around $350 for mine (which would jump to $500 if I was blonde). At least that covers the difference between an iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

8. Black market blood

If you're really desperate for an iPhone X, you can always sell yourself. No, not in that way. Well, kind of. According to information compiled from FBI and US Government reports about black market organ pricing, the going rate for blood was USD$337 per pint.

The human body has 12 pints of blood, and you can lose up to five without dying. Selling four pints of blood on the black market would get you roughly $1,700. That's almost enough to get a 256GB model!

If you're a believer of "go big or go home", you could offload a kidney for as much as USD$262,000 in the United States. That's almost $330,000 at current exchange rates, or 182 256GB iPhone Xs. Or, you could buy a few less and get business class flights there and back: you'll probably need them after your trip to the ice bath operating theatre.

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