Best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

13 May 2016

Samsung's new Galaxy S7 is a stunning looking phone with it sleek, stylish metal build. But as much as you might want to show off its curves, the S7 (and S7 edge) is also an expensive piece of technology and you should consider a protective case.

Luckily, smartphone cases have come a long way. There was a time that covering your phone with a case was like squeezing it into a huge rubber brick. These days case makers do a great job of keeping cases thin, practical and in some case, quite chic.

3SIXT Slim Folio

This is the case for people who want to leave their wallets at home. The 3SIXT Slim Folio has two card slots on the inner sleeve and a secure, shock-proof case for the phone itself. A fold in the back half makes it so that you can stand you phone in landscape mode and watch a movie.

Otherwise, the case is impressively simple. There is no distracting design on the front, and it only adds a couple of millimetres to the thickness of the phone on the front and back. There is no bulky clip to secure the front, which may be a downside for some, but we prefer our wallet-style cases like this.

Check them out at the 3SIXT website.

For Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: $29.95

Incipio Feather Pure

If you’d really prefer that your case didn’t add much to the size and shape of your new S7, the Incipio Feather Pure case range will give you phone protection from scratches, while only adding a millimetre or two to the sides and depth. 

The case is translucent, so the original colour of your phone can shine through, or you can opt for a translucent colour to add a fresh hue to the handset.

The Feather Pure isn’t really designed for drop protection though. If you need something a bit heftier, read on, or check out the Incipio Performance range.

See more at the Incipio website.

For Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: $29.95

Dog & Bone Splash

Australia’s own Dog & Bone design smartphone products with protection and security in mind. The new Splash case for the Galaxy S7 is no different, offering shock resistant capable of surviving a 2-metre drop.

You also get a tempered glass screen protector in the box, which is great. These screen protectors can be a pain to put on, but once you get it right, you’ll wonder how you used a phone in the past without one.

The case is clear plastic with a coloured edge, and only 10mm thick, which is great. 

Find Splash at the Dog & Bone website.

For Galaxy S7: USD$44.95

Spigen Case Wallet S

If you liked the look of the 3SIXT Slim Folio, but you feel you need more than 2 card slots, the Spigen Case Wallet S might be what you’re after. 

This case offers 3 card slots push a pocket for carrying cash. Considering the number of cashless payment options available for NFC-capable phones like the S7, this should be enough compartments for most.

At nearly 20cm thick, and with a security clip on the front, this isn’t the slimmest case in our list, so you’ll probably want to leave your wallet at home.

Check out the Spigen website.

For Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: USD$29.95

Otterbox Symmetry Series Graphics Case

If you’d like your phone to look a bit different from everyone else’s Galaxy S7, these Otterbox Graphics Cases offer a few wild designs and the same protection from drops and scratches that Otterbox is famous for.

Like our other favourite cases, the Symmetry cases don’t add much to the overall size and shape of the phone.

You might find it tricky to find these in Aussie stores, so you might want to look online or consider importing one from overseas.

See all the designs at the Otterbox website.

For Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: USD$39.95

Samsung LED View Cover

This is likely to be the most controversial in the list, but we think it deserves a nod. The Samsung View Cover is outrageously expensive, but it does have a couple of cool features.

Firstly there is the always-on display that keeps the screen active with information, like the time. Then there is the fact that you can interact with the screen. Even with the cover closed, you can swipe to answer and reject calls and dismiss alarms.

The design is a bit drab for us, but the card slot on the inner sleeve is a plus. Whether it deserves its hefty price tag will be up to you.

Read more on the Samsung Australia website.

For Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: $99.95

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