Information about the ADSL and phone cut-off date at your address

26 July 2017

Your existing home phone and internet services will be disconnected 18 months after your home is connected to the NBN.

You’ve probably heard that the government is building the National Broadband Network (NBN) across the country, in fact there’s an even chance that your house is already connected. But did you also know that your old telephone and internet services will be disconnected?

Increasingly we’ve been hearing from our readers that they are unaware of this hugely important part of the NBN rollout.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about this, here’s what you need to know. Firstly, a timeline of how the NBN is rolled out to your home.

  1. NBN has a detailed plan for when each home will be connected. You can check your address here.
  2. NBN technicians will dig up the roads in your neighbourhood and lay the necessary cables.
  3. NBN technicians may visit your home if they need to install equipment on your house.
  4. Service Providers will contact you when the service is ready to offer you a service
  5. 18 months later, the old telephone and internet services will be disconnected at your address

As you can see above, your existing phone services will be cut off 18 months after the NBN is connected at your address. It is a rolling disconnection, so the date will be different for everyone.

So does this mean I have to switch to the NBN?

If you want to maintain a phone or internet service at your house, then yes, you will need to change to an NBN service before the switch-off date. 

Happily, you should find the process of switching is pretty painless. Your service provider will send you a new compatible modem and telephone handset if you need them. In most cases, you should find that the setup of the new equipment is pretty similar to the modem and phone you currently use.

What does this mean for existing home phone services?

Technically, this is a big change, but you shouldn’t noticed too much of a difference at your end. Your service provider will set up your NBN phone service and should be able to carry your existing phone number across to the new system. 

Making and receiving phone calls will be practically the same regardless of the fact that the calls will be carried over an entirely new system.

What does this mean for home security systems and medical alert devices?

Security systems and medical alert devices that connect directly to your phone line will need to upgraded. You should contact the company that provides your with these devices to ask about how to make sure your service isn’t interrupted when you change to the NBN.

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