How to sign up to Amaysim Broadband: everything you need to know

30 May 2017

amaysim broadband

Amaysim continues to challenge the big telecommunications companies by offering plans that are easy to join and flexible. Taking a similar approach to mobile plans, Amaysim’s goal with NBN broadband is to keep it simple; prices with round numbers, no contracts and no hidden fees. So far it seems to be doing this well.

Signing up to an NBN plan is a piece of cake and should take you about 20 minutes. You’ll probably find that the hardest part is picking your new plan to sign up. Not that you need to worry, as it free to change the speed of your plan at a later date.

Take a look at the steps you need to follow to sign up for an NBN plan here:

What you need before you sign up:

  • An Australian address

  • Personal and contact info ready

  • Credit card/debit card details

Step 1. Check Availability

Before you do anything, check to see whether the NBN is installed at your address. Run an address search on the WhistleOut search engine.

If your property is NBN ready, then you are good to start the signup process!

Step 2. Sign up online

There are 4 steps in the Amaysim online signup process:

  • Choose your plan

  • Decide if you would like to purchase your modem or bring your own

  • Enter your details

  • Choose payment method

Steps 3. Have your Modem Delivered (Optional)

NBN connections require an NBN-ready modem, which is different from older ADSL modems. You can BYO modem to an Amaysim plan, but it needs to be compatible.

If you select the option to purchase a modem from Amaysim for $140 upfront, they will deliver it to you, which can take 2-5 business days depending on your location. If you decide to bring your own modem it is best to check it is compatible with Amaysim.

Step 4. Activate your plan

For most homes, Amaysim will activate your nbn connection free of charge. Be aware that the NBN charges an extra $300 if the connection is in a newly developed property, and this cost is passed on by Amaysim.

You'll pay for your first month service once your service becomes active and then each month on the date your service was initially activated.

An NBN technician will set up your NBN connection within 2 weeks (if you have never been connected to NBN before). Amaysim will let you know if you need to be home for this visit.

You will receive an e-mail two days after the installation has occurred to let you know your internet is active so you can set up your modem. This process can take a bit longer if your modem is being delivered.

Step 5. Cancel your old plan

Once Amaysim NBN is active, you should contact your current provider to disconnect your old internet service.

Whether you are an Amaysim fan and you were waiting for these plans to be available, or you are simply looking for an alternative to the big companies, it is worthwhile looking into its nbn plan.

If you've been through this process, let us know how you went. Are you happy with Amaysim NBN?

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