Belong doubles included data

23 March 2015

Internet provider Belong now offers twice as much data on both its Regular and Large plans, plus the option to save $10 per month if you agree to a six-month term.

Regular plans now include 100GB data, up from 70GB per month, and the Large plan doubles from 250B to 500GB per month. The price of the plans remain $70 and $80 per month respectively, and includes the cost of a bundled phone line and unlimited local calls.

Customers can still choose a broadband only ADSL2+ service, and save $20 per month, but they will need to have an active phone line already to take advantage of the lower price. Also, all customers must purchase a modem from Belong when signing up, costing $60 upfront.

NBN Plans also enjoy the extra data too, but are slightly more expensive. A Tier 1 NBN connection plan costs $55 or $65, without a phone service included. Tier 1 connections offer 12Mbps download speeds, but customers can double this speed with a $10 Speed Boost option.

Belong for longer

All Belong plans are on a monthly contract, which is great for a new service. You can sign up and try out Belong to see if you think the service is any good, and leave at any time if you’re unhappy.

Not that you should have any problems, Belong is owned by Telstra after all.

If you’re already happy to stick with Belong for a little while, it now offers a discount for 6-months of loyalty. You get $10 off each month for the six-months, or a saving of $60 for the whole period — which, if you think about it, is like not having to pay for the modem at the start of your plan.

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