Best ADSL Plans With 500GB: Big Data Means Peace of Mind

04 May 2015

Download caps are a hassle, but you don’t have to go all the way to unlimited if you want a stress-free experience. With a 500GB cap you can pretty much use the internet as much as you want. Even if you managed to somehow stream 50 hours of Ultra-HD content from Netflix in a single month, a highly unlikely scenario, with 500GB you’d still have around 140GB to spare.

A cap this big means that you can ignore the little voice in the back of your mind asking “how much have I already used this month?" or "can I really afford this all-day Orange is the New Black Netflix marathon?” If you have housemates, you don’t have to try and factor in their usage, either. So long as no one is downloading huge torrents en-masse, you’re going to be ok.

The plans

We threw the question at our comparison engine and came up with a best plans, as well as the average price when all results are considered.

Remember, connection fees can vary depending on a number of factors. We’ve included the best-case-scenario charges in our comparison, but you may end up paying more to get things going thanks to unforeseen circumstances.

Average price of $103.85 from a total of 22 results



Activation Minimum Price


6 Months $0 $50*

250GB Peak
250GB Off Peak
12 Months $59.95 $49.99

250GB Peak
250GB Off Peak
Monthly $99.00 $59.95


Monthly $0 $60


24 Months - $74.95

Winner: Belong

Telstra-owned provider Belong wins this fight with its $50 per-month * plan on a 6-month contract. This plan offers 500GB with no on-peak/off-peak restrictions, so you can use your cap whenever you want.

Total cost over 6 months is $360, which includes a $60 modem and $0 activation.

*This $50 price is part of a limited promotion. After May 31, it is currently slated to jump back up to its original $60 per month. Sign up before then and you get the discounted price for the length of your contract.

Runner up: TPG

TPG is about the same at $49.99 per month, but is on a 12 month contract. That’s a total minimum cost of $659.83 over 12 months once you factor in the smallest possible connection fee of $59.95.

The reason that TPG loses out to Belong is that this is an on peak/off peak plan. You’ll get 250GB for use between 8:30am and 2:30am (peak) and the other 250GB for use during the rest of the time. This isn’t ideal. Most activity you do is likely to fall in to the peak period, so you’re getting less value out of your allowance.

It’s worth noting that this price is not a special deal. After May 31, Belong’s plan is expected to jump back up to $60, whereas TPG has indicated no intentions to raise its pricing.

Save money on excess activation fees

If you live in an apartment complex, sometimes your provider will have to send someone out to "jump the cable across" in order for your connection to work. Said professional is usually under the employ of Telstra and as such will charge a premium for the service: anywhere up to $220 or more on top of your basic activation.

Should this be necessary, it's worth considering hiring your own contractor. It's often much cheaper and you can even get it done outside of business hours. Read more about the pros and cons of hiring your own broadband contractor before making a decision.

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